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SHOE SIZES VARY FROM BRAND TO BRAND and don't come in widths. However the specific width will vary from
one model to another, brands have nothing to do with it.
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Shoe prices start at $19.99, depending on brand,style and availability
1 Cleat selection is very important. Serious players should have training shoes and game shoes.

Practice shoes: Hard or firm grounds, especially with an  uneven surface, requires a very short cleat: maximum                                             
length of 1/4". Turf shoes work best on a dry grassy surface.
Most overuse injuries happen at  practice.

Game shoes. Game day: field surface will determine proper cleat choice. Long grass or wet fields will require a longer cleat. Short grass with
a dry surface will require a standard cleated shoe: 11 to 14 cleats

2  All brands have very good models for under $130. Despite hyper marketing of soccer shoes, you don't need to spend a fortune, soccer
shoe prices are up to $400 a pair now. What ever you read on line or ads stating things like,you will run faster, curve the ball or even kick the
ball further or harder,its all old fashion bull, these are technical skills that come from old fashion practice and repetition.
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A word of caution. A trend where players are purchasing shoes based on looks and marketing is danger                                              
lead to expensive injuries.
Shoe Lifespan. Typically a male player of about  80 to 100lbs and in his shoes 3 days a week. 3 months.                                       
Regardless of price or quality.
Females: shoes last about 4 to 5 months.
During rainy season: Never wear a wet shoe 2 days in a row. Let them dry out. Failure to do so
                  will limit their life span to 6 weeks "Yikes"                    
                                             Dangers of ordering on line.
Shoe sizes vary from brand to brand and model batches will vary from one shipment to another. Shipping costs will
offset any online price savings. Buy local from your favorite shoe store.
Shoe inserts etc. If you need to add any type of shoe inserts,insoles,heel cups etc you're wearing the wrong typeof  shoe on and off the
field and on the field, the problem will get worse. The problem starts with our first pair of comfortable shoes as kids, but if you google Born
to Run, you'll find a whole body of research  being done on why shoes are basically not good for you. While people will do weight training
to improve leg and upper  body strength, we neglect the 32 muscles in our feet that actually propel you forward and support your whole
body.  Walking barefoot on the beach is a great way to strengthen every single muscle in your foot. A great free rehab session which
should be done regularly.
If a player is using an ankle brace,cleated shoes should never be worn for practice. Switch to a 64 cleated shoe to
alleviate joint stress. Failure to switch will create severe arthritic issues later in life
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Models and sizes vary weekly. Shoe sizes vary from a childs 8 tru addult 15
These 4 shoes are the best built shoes on the market for the younger players available in sizes youth 8 tru adult 6 and only $29,99